Goals are Still Relevant

In the last two years I have been noticing a growing number of people who do not set goals goals nor make resolutions. Many are saying that setting goals causes too much stress, sets unrealistic expectations which can cause anxiety. While these statements may be true in part, goal setting is a time honored method of laying out a plan, setting a vision and working towards accomplishing the goal.

In order to be successful at goal setting you must set goals that are realistic and achievable. In addition, these goals must be accompanied by a plan and the discipline necessary to achieve the goal. Last year I wrote a series of blog posts on setting goals and how to achieve those goals. You can find those posts by clicking here  and here . Failure to accomplish goals are often a result of a lack of discipline and planning as well as poor execution. It is said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Others say that those who fail to plan are in fact planning to fail. Plans are the blueprint for goals.

As we progress into 2019 take the time to sit and set goals for yourself. Make sure they are things that you genuinely want to work on over the course of the year as you are more likely to accomplish them if it’s something you want to do. Then, plan the steps necessary to accomplish these goals and decide what order you are going to tackle these goals.

As a multifaceted being, my aim is to grow in all areas of my life therefore I set goals for various areas of my life. Areas such as spiritual, financial, relationship, physical and career. Spiritual goals encourage me to grow closer to Christ. Financial goals serve to keep me on track towards achieving my goal of early retirement. Relationship goals help me to learn and grow in my marriage and how to relate to others. I use physical/health goals as an opportunity to work on improving my overall health. My career goals have guided me and have grown with me as I have advanced in my field. These goals can be as simple as increasing my water consumption throughout the year or as complex as learning Spanish to broaden the patient population that I serve.

Although I am not where I would like to be I press on towards becoming the best version of me. Tackling my goals and plans one at a time. Do you have goals/plans for 2019? Drop a comment below and let me know the answer to these questions or if you believe that we shouldn’t put such an emphasis on goals. Do you believe that goals are still relevant?

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