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Hi, I’m Claudia. I was working as a corporate trainer when I realized that I enjoyed teaching people how to make healthy lifestyle changes so becoming a dietitian was a natural transition. I love all things related to food, how its grown, how to prepare it and how it affects your health. This blog is a collection of tried and true recipes as well as current nutrition topics and trends. Thanks for following along!

At Nutrition and Health Solutions we deliver outstanding results backed by over 12 years of practice working with diverse patients

Individual or Group Medical Nutrition Therapy

Has your doctor told you that your blood sugar, blood pressure or blood cholesterol has become a concern? Have you been told you need to lose weight?  The bad news is that any of the above can increase your risk of disease and lower your quality of life. The good news? In many cases, these problems can be managed through dietary changes and lifestyle modifications.  I can help!  I offer virtual or in person appointments (Georgia or East Alabama only) 

Medical nutrition therapy requires a referral from a physician in order to be seen as well as bill insurance 

*Cost is based on insurance coverage and negotiated rates.  Please verify coverage prior to scheduling appointment.  Charges not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the patient.  

In person or Virtual
Initial- 1 hour– $150

Follow Up –30 minutes–   $100

3-month package $500 (initial, 3 follow ups and weekly maintenance support)

Diabetes or PrediabetesHeart Disease
Hypertension (high blood Pressure Bariatric Surgery
Weight LossKidney Disease
Multiple Food AllergiesGI Disorders
Enteral and parenteral nutrition Underweight Nutrition not related to eating disorders
Vegan Diet Vegetarian Diets

Health Coaching

In person (local only) or Virtual 


  • Initial- 1 hour– $150 
  • Follow Up –30 minutes–   $100 
  • 3-month package $500 (initial, 3 follow ups and weekly maintenance support)

Corporate Wellness


  • Implementation
  • Wellness challenges 
  • One on one health coaching for employees


Workshops and Seminars

With over 12 years of experience in many different areas of nutrition I have the knowledge and credentials to provide expert opinion and evidenced based information for your audience.   I have presented to diverse audiences of varying ages and was able to convey meaningful and complex information in a manner that is comprehensible, applicable and fun.    

Event Hosting and PromotionKeynote Speaking Engagements

Healthy Cooking With Claudia

Cooking with Claudia is a series of classes designed for the individuals or groups who want to improve their health and learn how to cook to prevent and manage disease.  Classes can be conducted in person (local clients) or virtually.   Classes are can accommodate an audience of 1-10.  

Classes include: 

  • Farm to table (now that you’ve grown it what do you make with it)
  • Heart Healthy Cooking (cutting the fat, salt and cholesterol)
  • Cooking for Diabetes 
  • Cooking for Weight Loss 

Partnerships and Media

I have made numerous appearances on the radio and in print.  I am available for the following media services.

Wellness Expert Interview Business consulting and evidence-based advisement on product development
Nutrition Expert PresentationSocial Media Campaign and Collaborations

After a recent doctor visit, I knew it was time to get serious about my health. Claudia helped me talk through my current stats, come up with a plan for not just what to eat but how to eat and also helped me pinpoint some healthy behaviors around sleep, exercise and mental health; homework included. There’s nothing better than a nutritionist that cares about your complete well being. Claudia is just that and I’m grateful for the plan we put in place.

Melissa J.

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