Goal Setting Part 1: Planning Makes Perfect

I  heard a story once about a guy who sketched the plans for his house on a paper towel.  He ordered the necessary materials and began to build.  After digging the basement, work began on the foundation.  As the foundation progressed, he realized that his plans were way off.  If he were to continue, the house would not be able to support the weight of the walls and roof.  He consulted professional plans, a contractor, adjusted his plans, and was able to build a very beautiful and safe home.

As we make our plans today, let’s remember that plans are subject to change and require flexibility.  It is not uncommon to make plans for the future and find out that the time needed to accomplish the task was more than anticipated.  It is also not uncommon to learn that you could accomplish a task in less time than was previously planned.  Planning is not just about the destination it is also about the journey.  How you handle the bumps in the road (setbacks) will determine how successful your plan will be.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

The first step in any planning process is to determine what you are trying to accomplish and how best to arrive there.  Let’s take for example weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight you would need to determine the necessary steps to lose the weight.

  1. Determine how much weight you want to lose
  2. Determine what steps you are going to take to lose the weight
    • change eating habits
      • drink more water
      • less fat
      • more fiber etc.
    • exercise
      • what type?
      • how often
      • when will you exercise?
      • where will you exercise?
      • Will you have a partner? If so who?
    • get enough rest
      • set a bedtime
  3. Determine length of time to accomplish the goal
    • month
    • 6 months
    • one year
  4. Set short term and long term goals (we will be dealing with goal setting in our next post)
    • 5 pounds in 2 months
    • 30 pounds in a year
  5. Determine how you will reward yourself
    • never use food as a reward
    • get your nails done
    • get a massage
    • buy a new book
    • buy a new pair of shoes
    • go to a concert
  6. Develop a contingency plan:  what will you do if you have a bad day?
    • Don’t throw in the towel begin again tomorrow
    • Everyone falls down at times, the key is not to stay down but to rise again and do battle
  7. When will you begin?
    • Begin today. Even if you only change one thing, it will bring you one step closer to accomplishing your goals
To succeed you must take the time to develop a plan.  Luke 14:28-33 says that in order to build a tower (building) you need to first count the cost (make a plan).  Your assignment today is to work on a plan for what habit you are trying to overcome.  If you have questions post a comment and I will respond.  We will be talking about goal setting in our next session.  Until our next session happy planning!
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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