Getting What You’ve Always Got

If you always do what you have always done you will get what you always got.  I heard this saying a long time ago and it made me think of a hamster.  Hamsters are always on the wheel running but going nowhere fast.  Many of us feel like the hamster running with no purpose in mind.  In your health journey, you have a purpose, achieving a healthier life, a life lived to the fullest.  This my friends, require change.

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

In life, change must come but few are prepared or are willing to make the necessary changes.  The process of change is not a comfortable one; It calls for introspection and honesty with ourselves and with others.  Our discomfort can cause us to become stagnant and not change and as a result, forfeit the victories we would have gained.  At some point along the journey to change some stop trying and become discouraged.  Why you may ask? Because moving past the discomfort to achieve the change is hard.

Ultimately when making any change the person who needs to be convinced is YOU.  The voice in our heads that tells us we cannot do it need to be silenced.  Questions such as  “Haven’t you tried this before and it didn’t work?”  “What makes you think that it is going to work this time?”  The answer to those questions is that this time you are prepared to do the work required, this time you have a true purpose and are not going to do what you have always done.  This time you are going to push past the negative voices.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

One step towards getting a different result is to practice positive affirmations.  Tell yourself I will succeed.  I will make it this time.  I value me and appreciate the person I am becoming.  It may be necessary to do this daily or even several times daily in order to gain control.  Some may say positive affirmation is psychological babble.  I disagree.  It is learning to love yourself and take control of your thoughts.  Many of us have been taught that we are not lovable, not worthy, worthless and as such we treat our bodies that way.  You may not conscientiously say this but our actions show that we do not love ourselves the way we should.  It is time today to choose to love yourself because only then will the changes be made only then will you get off the wheel and do something different.

Some will say you are being selfish but I disagree.  On an airplane, you are encouraged to put on your mask before helping someone else.  It is necessary to establish your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health before taking care of someone else.  Which is more selfish? Loving myself or harming myself?  Not changing is causing harm to your body and mind.  I would rather love myself because in so doing I learn to truly love others.

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

Doing something different begins with replacing the voices in your mind that tell you cannot succeed with ones that say all things are possible.  It is possible to get different results if you do something different.  Have a great day and remember the purpose of the journey is to be a healthier version of yourself.

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